Healthy or overweight?

This ad for SATS gym has become one hell of a heated discussion in Sweden where this particular gym chain has promoted the girl in the ad as healthy looking and wants to attract regular Joe’s as clients. That’s how I’ve understood their message.

Next to her picture it says that she’s been working out since 1999. 

Yes – she looks happy and sweaty and in my personal opinion – fat. 

This to me does not say ‘overall healthy random 33 year old girl who works out and leads a healthy lifestyle’. If you work out and eat right this is not the result you had hoped for after 13 years at the gym. Losing weight might not be the reason everyone goes to exercise, maybe you just want to keep yourself in a good state of mind, but no one, and I’m very sure, no one goes to the gym overweight like her, thinking that losing weight is not what I’m opting for – that’s just a lie.

Healthy people does not necessarily have to be skinny, you can carry a few extra kilos and still be healthy, but to me this ad says nothing but – ‘come in, everyone is welcome, even if you are overweight and wish to remain the same after 13 years’ 

I personally don’t work out 5 days a week to drop kilos, I’m naturally slim, but I go to maintain the weight and to feel better as the body gets a kick start and I feel mentally better. It would be a lie if I was overweight and said I go for the same reasons. In that case I would not hide the fact that I want to become more slim.

What do you think?


Picture from my friends beauty blog  –  Kiss & Make Up


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