Healthy ways to maintain beauty

Maintaining your beauty can be a difficult task at the best of times. When you are trying to do so using only natural methods, it is even harder to accomplish. Not impossible though, and you don’t even have to try hard. The methods below can probably be done while you play a Foxy game of bingo, watch TV or complete your daily routine.

Steam your face – When you steam your face using a device specifically for this purpose, or a boiling pan of water, the steam opens your pours wide so you can clean your skin more effectively.

Eat organic fruit & vegetables – Vegetables and fruit have natural vitamins that help to replenish your skin. However many of the ones you can buy in a supermarket have unwanted chemicals in them. Buy organic fruits and veg so you know only goodness is going into your body.

Natural products – Only use natural facial products to clean, cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate and replenish your skin. Yes, they are more expensive, but you won’t be absorbing unwanted chemicals into your skin.

Drink water – Mineral water is the most natural and needed substance to maintain healthy skin and beauty. You lose lots of water throughout the day so you need to drink at least 2 L a day.

Green tea – This kind of tea is known for its anti-ageing qualities. It’s an acquired taste, but it flushes toxins that are absorbed into the skin from the air etc out of your system. Go for anything which is naturally caffeine free.

Oily fish – Oily fishes such as mackerel and salmon are full of omega, which gives your skin a healthy glow when consumed on a regular basis. It also has the natural fats your body needs to keep fit and healthy.

Exercise – Going for a run every other day is a natural beauty care product for the skin. Not only to maintain your fitness, but going for a run or walk will provide fresh air and oxygen that helps your circulation, and ultimately improves your condition.

Not so hard right? ;o)



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