My heart melts when I see things from Indiska, that shop means so much to me, although it sounds weird at first, but to think that it was my very first job after I finished school, moved to a new town and found myself loving the atmosphere to a point where I actually said no to the design school I was accepted at. Yes it sounds so stupid, but I will never regret those 3 years at Indiska because of the amazing people I met, one of them especially, but unfortunately God needed him early so I hope he is resting in peace right now, without pain. I honestly don’t think I would have learned more at that school, it was a life-lesson for me at the shop, for the simple reason that I was a late bloomer so to speak, and the people I worked with helped me so much in terms of life experience rather then what might look good on your CV. Some important lessons are not finished with a degree, it’s just there for you to know and keep for life.

That was a lot of thoughts, here are two plates that got my attention. Yup. Two plates and I went on a trip down memory lane ;o)

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