1. Hey, guapa! How is that eyecream? Have you tried it? Bodyshop usually means good stuff, so… Ciao!

    • Hey :)) To be honest it gave me a small rash on my eyelid and Im scared to use more. Sometimes it happens with certain creams depending on your skin. Want it?
      I’ll send it to you, just used it twice. Email ur address guapa!

  2. Woah, that wasn’t a good thing! Hope that the rash goes away like yesterday… I once bought this really expensive cream (from Akademikliniken, supposed to be really good stuff) and I ended up looking like a pizza. Not a pretty picture.

    Hey, that’s really sweet of ya, girl! Thanx – I’ll be happy to test it, but there is one condition – U will have to tell me what U want me to send ya from Sweden, yes?


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