Korres Party Survival Kit

If I tell you about all the appliances and other things in our house which have broken down or simply stopped working since the new year started you wouldn’t believe me; water heater, washing machine, shower curtain, vacuum cleaner and finally this morning the coffee machine decided it didn’t feel like allowing me the wake-up stuff I needed. And these were non of them old items! Most of them quite new and still under guarantee, but jeeeez how much it makes you swear! Well, it just shows that our new life philosophy is the right one – out with all things that are not needed, used or sometimes barely liked. Space is another thing, why do you need a big house when 3 ppl live there? To stare at? No, really and truly just to clean and annoy you more. That’s it! Obviously you need all of the stuff I mentioned but sometimes you seriously add on too much. There are so many appliances in a house, are they all really being used in the right way and are they good quality?

Ah, thanks for ‘listening’ btw, if you’re still reading, yesterday a nice post lady came by with my latest Asos order which did brighten my mood a bit. More stuff? Yes but things that goes on your body like skincare and clothes – that’s OK! 😉

The packet she gave me included a pretty navy blue dress and the Korres Party Survival Kit. It was a way of surviving at that moment yes. Anyway, I would probably refer to this more as a Travel Kit rather than the above. For whatever you decide to use it, it looks and feels great, a zesty lemon scent which brings you back to life, especially after drinking instant coffee ;o)


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