Lily Flame candles

Last Saturday I spent too much time in one shop going through all the different scents of the Lily Flame candles. I really need to stop obsessing with smells and scents of all kind. You know, sometimes I even get stuck at theĀ supermarket smelling fabric softeners haha…I just told you too much didn’t I šŸ˜‰

But anyway, these are OK to smell and adore because they are really cute and they all have different themes and names. Maybe pick the Christmas one for now?

Blue Hyacinth Scented CandleChristmas Spice Scented CandleComfort and Joy Scented CandleFresh Linen Scented Candle



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  1. I looove scented candles – especially those expensive ones, hehe. But they really are so much better then those cheap ones and last for so much longer. So in the long run – it’s better to burn those cash!

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