Little Miss Sunshine

I’m so late I know! It’s been 6 years since it was released and I’ve seen the cover of this movie countless times but never got around to watch it until last night. It’s so brilliant and entertaining!

Apart from the fact that it made me want to rent a van and go for a roadtrip in the states (and go with someone who actually has a driving license haha) it also made fun of the completely ignorant phenomena of childrens beauty pageants. What is that?!

Olive, one of the main characters, who along with the rest of her not so normal family, travels in their VW cross-country to L.A for her to enter this beauty pageant called Little Miss Sunshine. Olive is such a funky little girl, she is probably one of few who can get away with wearing a red top over a kiddie sized beer belly along with bright red cowboy boots and still look cool!

I am all for beauty pageants amongst adults, the more beauty the better but for children I am really against it, it disturbs me so much!!

Olive enters the stage like a normal child, she looks prettier than all the other scary looking tiny girls who you don’t know if they are 6 or 30.

Again, I know I should have made this post years ago when the movie was new but to my defence the subject is never old ;o) Children should not compete in such contests!!!



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