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Some weeks back I started trying these products and came to like the Dragon Balm best. Why? Well at first I used it as a sinus relief. I applied a small amount on my forehead (between my eyebrows) and it had a calming effect. The second time it came in handy was after I took part in the walkathon and had some serious problems with a strained muscle in my leg. Again, I applied the balm and it worked well as a pain relief. It pretty much keeps its promise :)

““Dragon balm
Dragon Balm eases muscles and can help with a stuffy nose.
Generates heat in the skin for strained and aching muscles and joints and it is also great to apply to over stretched muscles after exercise.
Try applying to temples, sinus area & chest to relieve cold symptoms”

The lip shine surely gives your lips a good amount of shine but unfortunately did not agree with my lips, but then again, almost nothing does. It would be great for someone with less sensitive skin/lips than I have…

Tea tree oil, the old anti-bacterial favourite, actually came to good use for the same reason as the Dragon Balm as it helps against congestion and other problems related to coughs, sinus and colds. It can be applied on the chest or mix a few drops with a lotion and apply on your skin. It’s the kind of oil you want to keep in your bathroom cabinet because it has a lot of different benefits and you just never know when you’ll need it next :) Plus, I love the smell!


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