‘Lord of Manner’ Scott Disick

He has to be the most entertaining guy this one.. .’Lord’ Scott Disick. Where does he get his energy and ideas?

If I was ever to take part in a reality show (hahaha, from our street locally referred to as Lazy Corner it would make a nice one) I would feel a pressure to do everything grande, like the heavy makeup you wear on stage or the way you need to explain things a million times just to get it through one bit. Exaggeration of small gestures is key I suppose if you want to make a point or entertain but the average Joe does this only occasionally unlike Scott and the other reality show stars, who deal with this on a daily basis. I would get tired. Or maybe it would give you adrenalin? We’ll see, next time I visit London I might buy myself a nice royal title of some kind. Or ask if they’d like to turn me into a wax doll. That could be something for Scott to try next time. Maybe not.

It’s obvious that they are initially stars of a reality show because they are more extreme in their ways than others, but still, even a trip to London could pass by without strange things happening. Would someone like Scott have done the same, in this case google how to become royal, if he wasn’t being filmed?




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