Love and Other Disasters

Yesterday we watched Love and other disasters starring the very pretty and talented Brittany Murphy who sadly passed away in 2009 from an overdose of prescription medications.  It is the ultimate feel good movie and all characters had great chemistry which to me is very essential in any movie, it’s pretty much what makes the movie if you ask me. The environment, dialogue and characters need to be in tune or else I won’t give it more than 20 mins regardless of how exciting or well written the script might be.

We ended up talking afterwards how sad it is when talented people pass away too early and how people all over the world makes it a big deal. Yea because it is totally ok to mourn a person even though you never actually knew or even met them. I’d say it’s a given to mourn anyone who passed away, who made an impact in your life and way of thinking or acting.  It’s always a loss when a creative mind leaves the planet. 188811/tumblr_kuyw0nZAGD1qa17lmo1_400_large.jpg?1261500378


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