marathon (well….half at least)

Me and A signed up for the yearly Vodafone Marathon & Walkathon and we’ve decided to set aside one evening a week to prepare a bit. I walk and exercise everyday but our weekly walks are monitored by an app which calculates time and speed etc. That’s pretty much as far as it goes in terms of preparation 😉 I don’t think I need to make drastic changes, I already eat healthy and exercise daily so hopefully it will go well. Anyway, today I don’t feel too ‘on it‘ though, J and moi had some wine last night plus this morning I woke up feeling like my yearly flu hit me, uggghh. Tea and panadols to the rescue and  I’ll still walk tonight and by tomorrow I’m sure I’m back to normal.

You can sign up for the marathon via the link above. It’s for a good cause;

Inspire –The Foundation for Inclusion, which works towards equal opportunities and inclusion in society for persons with a disability will once again be the Official Charity for the 2015 Vodafone Malta Marathon

As soon as my autumn cold shows up I want nothing but summer, light and sun.





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