Me & my boo

Today I have one of those days…which honestly goes totally against my beliefs of Law of attraction but at the end of the day I’m only human and those ideas wouldn’t even exist if we all knew by heart  how to apply them to our daily life…. Anyway…I feel bored and all out of inspiration. You know when you have days of  feeling lonely, upset or broke etc and in the back of your head you know it’s not all true, but in that very moment you feel it strongly.

It shows how much the mind plays tricks on us. You can feel like the most lonely person alive yet the next weekend you might have lots of stuff planned together with family or friends. Which means in reality you are not really lonely. Or? When it comes to friends I think quality is far better than quantity (which most people seem to go for).

I think that feeling of lonely appears when you don’t always spend time with friends on a daily basis, even when you know you can pick up the phone and call someone if you need to talk.

When you, on the other hand, have lots of friends or aquintances you spend time with often, you never feel lonely as such but it’s still no guarantee those friends are people you trust enough to open up your heart and thoughts to.

Can you also possibly be bored and feel lonely while surrounded by friends?

With everything in life you have to make a choice, I personally prefer spending time alone rather than around people I don’t really like, trust or simply feel positive around. So…if I have a day like today of feeling bored it’s my own decision. I have to lift my positive energy! Tomorrow maybe I give away some to a friend ;o)

This little munchkin is my opposite. He can’t stand being alone.





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