me & my little man

School starts tomorrow wohoo! Ok its been so nice to be able to sleep in the morning instead of waking up early and prepare his lunch box etc etc but I need to get back in routines now. Maybe not normal routine this week though as J is going away for 3 days work, and Oh – next week we re off to Perugia / Rome for my brothers wedding!!

I ve also come to the decision that I want to find a part time job, I feel like these 2.5 years have done me good and I ve managed to freelance write, but I feel like it s time to go back to work. Because of Aiden I can only work part time but it would still feel worth it. I would love to work in a beauty/health related environment, preferably a sociable job like reception, thats where you can write too – in the form of marketing, social media etc.

Hope you all have a week xxx

Me and Aiden last summer at the art and music night in Valletta






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