merry christmas

Yesterday was filled with food, drinks and gifts as usual, meaning today is more quiet. I feel like today is a better day, it’s more peaceful. The weather is amazing today so we went for a long walk and had lunch at Giorgios. Everywhere so quiet…

It’s somehow not the same when you have passed the age of, I don’t know, 15? I try to focus all my energy on finding That feeling but the closest I get is seeing Aiden and Nate get excited over gifts and sweets. In fact we thought we’d have to take Aiden to the emergency because he went on to a new level of anxious/excited/nervous/happy… the point where he started sweating and couldn’t sleep at all. He’s 9.5 years and still truly believes in Santa. It’s cute, innocent and just the way it should be.



This morning I watched (well morning, it was noon) Pope Francis appearing for his Christmas blessing and message in front of thousands of people at the Vatican, looked so beautiful, I like him!


Happy Christmas everyone!


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