Monday morning

It’s detox again haha. We’ve had BBQ with my family, dinner/lunch out with very good food and maybe too many glasses of wine, so it’s 4 days no alcohol again and exercise. Well, on Saturday we walked like mad, even Friday was a good day work-out wise, so I was still in balance.

Anyway, I’m listening to this beautiful arabic song ┬áright now, which got me back in the mood for bellydancing, my teacher told me she’s starting new classes again, closer to home, so I might take up on that. I’m totally useless when it comes to choreography but if I love the music it kinda comes naturally.

On Friday we’re going back to Rome yaaaaay :) :) Can’t wait. The weather doesn’t look too promising, which is annoying when Malta will have sun and 25+ but Rome is Rome, rain or not.


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