Morning bliss

It’s nearly 9am and I’m alone in the kitchen, Jonas playing early tennis and Aiden still sleeping. I had my espresso and soon it’s time to make my way, through the heat, to the gym. In the afternoon, after our siesta, we’ll go for a swim…my mum got stung quite badly by a jellyfish 2 days ago so I feel a bit reluctant but..just have to keep your eyes open. What’s funny is that the redness which comes up on the skin after the swelling goes away had the exact pattern of a heart with an arrow across ;o) so despite the pain we had something to laugh at.

Anyway, hope you have a nice week! I will give away a few items of clothes this week, those I’ve bought, still like but for some reason never used and probably never will! You just have to check the stuff and email me and hope to be lucky ;o)





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