Morning bliss

Aaaah, peace and quiet for once. The damn rooster woke us up again at 5am but I managed to go back to sleep after that and now as Jonas is playing tennis and Aiden is with his father I’m having my usual espresso and will get back to my Senor Peregrino. So far it’s a very interesting book.

We had a really nice evening at TemptAsian last night, lots of food and wine and they were kind enough to let me choose whatever I wanted from the menu and made it gluten free. In my case a plum sauce.

Btw when I say a rooster woke us up at 5am….we don’t live anywhere near a farm or even a detached villa. No no we live inĀ  a normal (!) road in what is suppose to be a city. The rooster is not normal. God damn loud ass rooster aarrrggggh.


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