Morning glory

I have this urge to always check all kinds of social media on my phone as soon as I wake up, retarded I know, but anyway – at least 3 ppl on my facebook had Monday Blues on their status this morning. I almost felt guilty for waking up in a good mood :) I went for a long powerwalk along the sea, round Qui-Si-Sana park and back, passed by some Italian priests who stood in a row reading their morning paper and admiring the beautiful sea, almost stopped at a coffee bar on the promenade coz it smelled so nice from toasting bread, and now I’m here at home. I’m working as much as I can on my book but sometimes when you hit a part where you don’t know how to proceed it gets kinda boring, so I’m gonna check a bunch of magazines and blogs for inspiration. Usually it helps seeing different articles and ads.

Ok well, bla bla I’ll leave you to it, enjoy your day :o) xox



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