Morning smoothie

I had coffee and went straight to drop Aiden at school and then off to the gym for over an hour, and totally forgot to eat before?! Never happens. I came home and wasn’t even as hungry as I should’ve been, so I took the time to prepare a massive smoothie with blueberries, fresh pineapple, banana and some oats. I’m so beyond full now, enough to last all day.

Another thing I noticed, apart from the fact that pineapple is the sh*t for a happy tummy (I ate a small plate for breakfast when we were in Rome, and realised in the evening that my tummy was ok even though I had eaten some crap during the day. So now, I take a cup full of fresh pineapple every morning and trust me, it does miracles!)

Anyway, what I was going to say was that I am not all for redness. Red meat, red wine, red pepper…they don’t agree with my stomach! I no longer choose meat and red wine and instead I go for chicken or fish and white wine. If we’re out…or for a BBQ. I checked about it and apparantly red wine and red meats are the no 1 things to avoid if you suffer from IBS.

Why didn’t anyone tell me haha.

My breakfast. 

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