Update: From complete silence and stressfree days we now have 3 weeks to pack up the whole house. After 3 weeks we’re going to Sweden for almost 3 weeks and when we come back to Malta, at this moment, we have no where to live. Haha. Hmm.

Hopefully by next week we’ll find a new apartment so that when we’re back, we have a place to go. This is exactly what I wanted. Settle down in one place and know every minute of your future, planned in details, I realised that’s not for me, or us. I feel better this way, challenge myself not to freak out when changes occur. Not so easy though, I had a panick attack and couldn’t feel my arms a couple of days ago but I’m ok now…..typical moi!

Enjoy your weekend, we’re going to the beach tomorrow to cool down. xoxoxox


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