My top 5 summer no-no’s for guys

  1. When you’re over 5 years old please switch from panty-likes to boxers or shorts and remember this also applies on swimwear!! It’s not sexy and it’s not stylish (even for the gym going Italians)
  2. Keep your tee’s on! The heat doesn’t get to you guys more than it does to us females. It might be a way of inspiring us to do the same but unless you have a tanned 6-pack please don’t undress and walk around with pearls of sweat dripping from your back! This especially when you decide to walk into a shop or cafe’.
  3. Drinking beer on the beach and then burp?
  4. Pink Ray Bans. Not just in summer.
  5. I’ve seen this several times this summer; guys eating ice cream and talk at the same time. If you’re going to insist that you cannot multitask – stick to it, it looks disgusting!

There….got it off my mind haha. The one for girls is probably longer ;o) You see a lot of weird stuff when people are more outdoorsy than during winter.




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