My views

My opinions might not be the same as yours but it would be nice to have 2 kinds of readers here. Either you agree with me or else you have another, hopefully strong, opinion going another direction which you are willing to share and discuss and most importantly stick to.

The thing is, while a lot of people (from Sweden in particular) tend to have a strong wish to make the world consist of 1 sex instead of 2, I work the complete opposite.

To me, women should be women and men should be men. We are different from day one and we have different ways of dealing with things, different strenghts and different weaknesses. All for a reason.

Here in Malta the women tend to look like a christmas tree when they dress up and go out for a glass of wine but at least they look like a woman. What scares me is when you walk around in Sweden (where I was born, forgot to mention) you see women 50+ looking like men. Grey short hair, no make up, wind jackets and flat shoes. Quite sad.

I would never say either sex is stronger or better than the other, all I’m saying is that you were born one way and you should make the most out of it

A woman should not spend time in the garage fixing cars if you ask me, but that doesn’t mean she is not capable of doing so. Same thing with men doing typical female house chores; they should be able to but not necessarily do them.

I should probably have been better of in the 50s but I’m here now. And making the most of it.



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