My weekend

How does the weekend always pass in what feels like a minute? Always like a rush even though we did very relaxing things.

Friday ok…yoga was perfect and then in the afternoon Aiden had a friend here….less relaxing. How can 2 small boys make so much noise I’ll never know.

Saturday we had lunch at Talk of Town because it’s super cosy and the food is always amazing, try the paella if you ever go! In the afternoon we had coffee with B&M and little gorgeous Nevada (aahhh she’s so cute I feel like biting her)

Yesterday me and Aiden were good catholics and went for the usual Sunday mass in the morning and after I dropped him off with his nanu so they could spend some time together. I keep thinking about nana all the time, now especially around Christmas. I miss her all the time and no matter how much you take comfort in the person not being in pain anymore…it still hurts and sometimes I feel so powerless…not being able to see her again.

We went around me and J during the day for some more Christmas shopping and later had a long lunch before enjoying some sugary mojitos at Tapas happy hour. Haha. Weird sunday tradition…

Today I spent the morning at the gym and right now my face is covered in a mud mask which has turned into what feels like cement…so better get it off :)

Hope you all have a nice week and remember to always be happy. Try atleast.

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