New Products

I have a bunch of new products to try right now, perfect gifts :o)))
These are a few of them – you might have seen my post earlier about the Chocomania products from The Body Shop, I was very reluctant to try it because I couldn’t imagine the chocolate scent, but you know what, it’s actually nice. Feels a bit funny, like you’re bathing in sweets.

I really ate too much yesterday, Christmas eve was fine since we had dinner at our house and I spent more time preparing and serving others than eating, but yesterday we went to my sister-in-laws family and I relaxed. And I ate and drank too much of everything haha. I made up for it today at BodyBalance, felt alot harder than it usually does but it was so worth it. I really really hate feeling full, I don’t know why I tortured myself. But it’s like once a year :o)

So, some of the new stuff to try!



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