New York

It’s a beautiful yet very hot day on the island and it’s been hot for such a long time it makes me dream about the fall in New York. Imagine..a bit of a cool breeze, a magazine or book, a comfortable armchair and a coffee at Starbucks and the pulse of the city outside. I’ve only been there once and can’t wait to one day go back. It’s truly my favourite city. I loved how random people start talking to you everywhere and usually with a smile on their face.

I had a nice time at the boat show yesterday btw but the only picture I managed to get of myself was in front of the new Ferrari on display and as everyone kept¬†walking around the¬†car I got distracted and ended up looking grumpy on the pic :o) I wanted to show you my marine outfit but…better luck some other time eh.

Dream dream dream. A little memory of the city right in my kitchen.


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