Next stop Perugia Italy

Tomorrow morning we’re off to Perugia for the wedding. I started packing but got stuck because my inspiration runs low when I know Im packing for colder weather but I suppose most of the time will be spent inside.

Perugia seem like a very beautiful city but I never expected anything less from Italy. Another thing, and this has nothing to do with Perugia or cities in general, but why are Italians the only people in the world who knows how to buy right sized pants and jeans? Even older less attractive men wears clothes properly suited for their bodies. I mean, Americans must be the worst and Swedes are somewhere in between, and I definitely think they could learn a thing or two from the Italians. Anyway, enough talking.

We are staying in a villa called Villa Taticchi, it looks amazing doesn’t it. Let’s just pray for some sun.




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