So, we had to change our plans drastically on new years eve after the host of the dinner party got tummy sick. Ugghh.

We ended up having fun anyway and also managed to get a great picture of me. I think you can almost see me. You can see parts of me at least and some random man/couple and what looks like a bar.

Like most people I have made a short list of new years resolutions, Im normally good at sticking to my promises so, here goes:

  • Have more fun, relax and not worry about all and nothing.
  • Ban excuses. Thats what keeps me from doing a bunch of stuff. Excuses – no more.

Thats it haha. Im already always eating well, exercising, taking care of myself, I dont smoke and I sleep 8 hrs every night. Stress is not part of my life either, so all those common resolutions are not on my list.

Happy New Year!!


photo 2 (9)photo 2 (9)photo 2 (9)


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