Clinique Pep-start Hydroblur moisturizer

This is not a new product, but I find it so great during these hot summer months, I feel a need to give it some attention!

Gone are the shiny areas on my forehead and around the nose. It’s a very hydrating day cream with a matte finish. Just like a primer. It’s oil-free and very lightweight.

I use it throughout the day for touch-ups, and my skin stays hydrated and matte.

It can be used on its own of course, or else under make-up, however I don’t really like mixing it with a foundation, but that’s only my personal opinion. For me, the whole point of using this cream is the fact that you can leave the house with no make-up and still look fresh. Of course, it’s easier during summer when your tan helps you on the way, but you get the point 😉

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Vichy spf 30 hydrating spray

My bottle is almost empty and it’s time to stock up on a few more of this liquid shine.

I love this product, it’s got SPF30, it contains hydrating hyuralonic acid and it has a pleasent subtle scent. What I also like is that it does not stain your clothes, and it’s light and easily absorbed. The only minus I can come up with is the size of the bottle. It’s great since it fits easily in my handbag and obviously in my beach bag, but I would have gone for a larger size if it was available.

You’ll also find 2 other options in this range; Vichy Ideal Soleil Antioxidant and Vichy Ideal Soleil Enhanced Tan. I have yet to try them, so cannot give my feedback on those 2 at this point.

To be totally honest, the reason I bought this product in the first place is because of how it looks. I want all my products to be display worthy, it has to be a damn good product for me to buy something with a non-attractive packaging. Sounds kind of lame, but I want my skincare routine to be pleasant for all my senses. Do you ever think like that? It has to be an all-round good product, to put it that way. In this case, most suncare products are kind of dull, but I found this quite nice.


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When the heatwave arrives…

..and you still feel coffee is the only answer. Yes, even in the heat, my morning coffee is obligatory. Is it the coffee though, or simply a programmed habit? :)

I actually wrote a post about breaking the caffeine habit, the withdrawal symptoms and so on.

I’ve been there so I know it’s actually a habit you can break. But then again. The morning smell of coffee is too good to miss out on 😉




Myoka spa

Good morning,

Today I’m heading to Valletta for a facial at 66 St Paul’s Myoka Spa. I have a six step program with six different types of treatments, so today I’m not actually sure what she’ll come up with :)

So far I’ve done Cavitation & Ultrasound, Radio Frequency and Mesotherapy. From my own very personal experience, nearing 40 means there is so much more TLC needed than in my 20’s or 30’s. Actually, in my 20’s I was mainly concerned with the eczema which was beyond visible, causing pain and anxiety, but after overcoming that part it became almost like an obsession to look after my skin. It’s just that now at 39, what worked wonders earlier, just doesn’t seem to agree as much. So – without allowing it to become a negative process, I keep telling myself that I’m simply doing what I can, my best, and the result is going to be different from 10 years ago. It’s obvious, but coming to that realisation is somewhat overwhelming.

From the above mentioned treatments, I liked the Mesotherapy the most, mainly due to a longer lasting result. For me. Can’t speak for others, but I really liked it.

I’ll go deeper into skincare in your 40’s later on. Right now I’m running late for whatever is coming up :) Acid peels? Frost Peel? (no not really at this time of year hehe)




Live in tune with nature

” The phrase “living in tune with nature” has a precise meaning in Ayurveda: having healthy desires that match what you actually need.  As nature made you, what you need and what you want shouldn’t be in conflict. When you’re in balance, you naturally desire only that which nurtures your health and lifeYou flow in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms, getting restful sleep, feeding your senses with experiences, tastes, touch, aromas, sounds, and sights that uplift and nourish you. When you slip out of tune with nature, your desires become non-nurturing and you may crave junk food, neglect to sleep and exercise, and indulge in compulsive behaviors. Overtime, a little imbalance can become a disorder and then a disease, bringing on more stress and neglect. ”


Taschen Living in Mexico

This could very likely be the third or so time I post about Taschen books, especially during winter. Europe is drowning in snow and the cold knows no limits, except Malta, yes it’s true we don’t experience the same weather but to me it’s 28+ and sunny or it’s winter. There’s no in-between. Right now Malta is around 15-20. So…winter.

I tend to grab one of our Taschen books around this time of year, mostly the Mexican one, or the Mediterranean one (featuring summer shots). Coffee table books are a great way of keeping beauty near, especially when you don’t have the option to frame or nail everything to the wall.

Look at the warmth in these pics x





insta inspo

Herizen Guardiola, or herizen_fawn, is my absolute favorite on Instagram. You know how you follow some accounts and you send a little heart every now and then, and you keep them in your feed but in a jealous or frustrating or even bored kind of way?  This is not one of those…this is a pure, beautiful and inspiring account. It’s close to magical. One of few accounts I truly enjoy, with its 1970’s kind of blurry summer vibe feel to it.

 Herizen Guardiola is the star of Netflix show “The Get Down“, which I also enjoy.


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Some Herizen inspired items I put together;