Oh how bored I get of these constant arguments over unreal girls in ads. Photoshop, airbrush, all forms of techniques to transform real women into these fakes?! Is it really so?

I don’t agree at all. Does everyone all of a sudden forget that there are real women who actually look good – who are actually slim, fit, tanned, have beautiful skin, beautiful hair, skinny but curvy etc. They do exist! 

I know that a large number of women in ads, probably a very high percentage, have passed through the fix n’ trix programs online but still, they do exist. It’s such a strange thing to say that all ads of beautiful women are fake?!

You mean to say that all ads were from the beginning a photo-shoot with a chubby pale girl with thinning hairline, who suddenly become a glowing star? Sure, there are plenty of those too but in reality there are pretty girls around just as much!

Maybe it’s great comfort for some women to tell themselves that what you see on TV and on billboards are just as real as cartoons, so there’s no need to feel bad about not going to the gym or give up on sleeping with the make-up on, I don’t know, I really don’t get these discussions.

Could be real. Could be.





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