Real life banking

I’m 32 years old and I don’t have online banking. It’s as weird as teenagers not having facebook. Well…anyway, I don’t ‘do banking’ very much so for me it’s actually no problem at all, the few times I need it, to walk a few blocks from my house to the bank and sort out what I have to sort out. This morning I needed something and I’m happy I didn’t have the online option. As soon as I got there an old man (yea…it’s me and the oldies) asked me if I thought he should go to the male or female cashier when it was his turn. I said, You better go to the female don’t you think?  He said Yes you’re right, because the girl smiles at me and that grumpy guy over there (pointing at some middle aged guy with bad skin) doesn’t really look easy to flirt with ey? He said the last part very loud and made everyone laugh. When it was my turn I (again) ended up with M&M lady. It’s true, she’s always on a diet but she loves the colors of M&M sweets and always keeps a large box in her drawer. Since she doesn’t want to eat them herself she gives them away. This morning I was lucky coz I love M&M’s too 😉

When the laptop starts making jokes and sends me sweets I’ll get the online services going. Promise.


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