Rome update

We had an amazing time as always, and Aiden had no trouble at all adjusting to the Roman lifestyle 😉

You’d think bringing a 9 year old kid to a buzzing city might be less relaxing than being alone, but he’s so funny and weird this little boy of mine haha. He made us laugh so much, and on the first evening he went outside the restaurant where we’ve been a few times by now, and found a british young couple who started talking to him, and before we knew it he was sitting with them, chatting and entertaining them haha. So, we still got some alone-time..

We did all the tourist sites all over again and walked til our feet started bleeding, literally, but there’s always a beautiful piazza to stop at, have a glass of bubbles and some snacks. In Rome there’s never a dull moment, and never fails to show off all the beauty. My favourite place in the world. No, I haven’t been everywhere but I doubt I’ll feel so much at home as I do there.

Now we’re back in Malta and it’s hot. And dusty. Coz somehow we managed to book like 3 workmen for the same day so the house is a mess, like a construction site uff.




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