Saying No Thanks to having kids

You know, before I could never understand or even respect a persons decision to not have kids. I thought if you made that choice you were seriously weird and without that normal instinct of having a large loving family. I can still, til this day, not imagine myself being without a kid in my house or in my family but the more I hear and read about these couples and women and their choices in life I slowly changed my mind and actually turned the complete other direction. The more I thought about it….not every woman has that strong urge to get pregnant or bring up a baby. Thats how it is. And it’s ok.

It’s far far worse having children when you don’t want them. Because society says you should, or your friends and family. When someone says You’re being selfish for choosing to stay single I completaly disagree. Having a kid against your will is selfish. The child should always be wanted. Besides, there are so many children who suffers in this world, from poverty and abuse…there is no need to push women to bring more kids into this world if they are not 110% wanted, just to say he/she did the right thing, they should have kids like everyone else.

People have  different hobbies and passions in life, you should always do what makes you happy.

Some people choose kids while some other people choose to follow another dream. Some people choose both. And it’s ok.


What do you think?



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