This time of the day you’ll find everywhere quiet, calm and no one around, it’s the beauty of mediterranean siesta. Not always the case in our casa…Aiden is watching rally crash (for the 39857893rd time) which has this incredibly annoying background noise. Jonas is singing about himself (also for the 289762896th time) and don’t ask me why haha….it’s something he does when he thinks no one can hear him.

I’m preparing for the BBQ and when my hands are free I’m gonna try the new Sally Hansen nailpolish which I got today.

Last night, after spending 2 hrs with Aiden at the beach, we had dinner at Frescos and after we passed by my mums flat for some wine.

Ah yes..forgot to mention that I had Jonas script for the 2nd novel with me at the beach which I’m sort of editing and one part was hilarious…I couldn’t stop laughing and probably looked stupid with drool and tears all over ┬áhahaha ;o)

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, I will!




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