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Do you ever find yourself picking a movie or a book you’ve seen or read before and thought you would love it as much as the first time but realized your life has changed so much since last, that the story doesn’t make sense to you anymore?

I saw a movie last week that I used to love years ago because the story was about something interesting yet something that would never happen to me. At least so I thought, but between watching it then and now I’ve been through a similar tough situation, which made me look at the story completely different this time.

I wonder sometimes how you can judge a movie or a story. A person would have to be in a very neutral state for that opinion. (I’m not talking about movies like ‘Wanderlust‘ with Paul Rudd & co now. A person would have to be extremely high to enjoy it)

For example; The Descendants. I left the cinema after 15 mins. I’ve never done that in my life. Maybe it’s a brilliant movie but if you’ve lost someone and the movie makes you think of them in a very painful way; how can I possibly call it brilliant?

Maybe sometimes we see it the other way around. I love Rob Schneider on a good day :) I know but, in a state where I have no worries whatsoever, Rob is funny.

If you have a bad day on the other hand, someone like him would make you want to put your head through the wall.

I mean; all things are what we make them out to be depending on where we are in life and sometimes we need to remember that to be able to respect other people’s opinions and reactions more..




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