So far…

I thought I was wide awake this morning when I prepared the lunch box for Aiden and got dressed for the gym etc. Clearly I wasn’t. It’s now 10.03am and far I’ve managed to turn and talk to the wrong kid at school before they had to go in.  I turned again and saw Aiden staring at me as if I was nuts telling another kid to put on the bag. Well anyway I managed to get the bag on the right child and off I went to the gym. My hair looked really funny coz of the wind so I went straight to the ladies changing rooms as I always do. Or so I thought. Sometimes, for some weird reason,  they decide to swap the rooms for the ladies and gents, why??? Obviously you can imagine me there fixing my hair with a bunch of guys staring at me :) ‘Ehm….lady I think you’re in the wrong room’


I then had a good work out and started walking home which isn’t far at all and I was thinking how clumsy I’ve been this morning still being so early and to check the exact time I grabbed my phone from the tracksuit pocket and you know when you hold an ice cube, it just moves around in your hand no matter how you try to grab it. Like that it was and in a split second my mobile literally jumped out of my hand and flew out in the street, crash landed in 3 pieces and 2 cars stopped just in front of it. The guy in the first car was really laughing at me and I can imagine I looked funny not knowing if I should jump after the phone risking being hit by someone less nice or leave it. I gathered the bits and pieces and ran home laughing.

What do I do now? I’m suppose to paint the walls but seems a bit risky today. I’m seriously considering going down to Cuba Cafe for a coffee and  a mag instead…..


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