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Good morning (or ok late morning)

I’m having my coffee and just started reading this article in a Swedish magazine (by their editor in chief) about their trip to a private island in the Indian Ocean for a swimwear shoot and I seriously got shocked. Not about their photo shoot but about what the editor in chief overheard while she was waiting in the lobby at one of the worlds most exclusive eco hotels.

A Russian woman holding tight to her 4 year old Burberry dressed daughter asking a stressed hotel manager to ‘sort it out’  The manager, looking more and more sweaty by the minute, tries to tell her in a professional manner; Madame, you don’t understand, being an eco friendly hotel, we do not even serve water in bottles’

The Russian woman will not take no for an answer pointing at the girl, who’s staring blank; ‘End of discussion, by 4pm I want 100 bottles of Evian water delivered to our villa so that our little girl can take her bath’

The editor in chief nearly spits out her eco friendly juice ‘Did I just hear…Taking a bath in Evian water?’

5 minutes to 4pm they can see a white yacht stopping by the beach and a hotel butler runs to collect the massive bag of water bottles.

The little girl would be clean for another day.



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