Spa week

Good morning :)

First we had 2 months of winter with not much happening and now, as soon as spring showed up, every week/weekend is booked!

This weekend was full of dinner, BBQ, drinks and the annual weirdness of The Milk Festival (in Ghargur, the village where my brother lives)

We have family visiting this week, coming weekend we’re off to the tiny island of Comino (part of Malta) for Aidens tennis thingy, then friends visiting, b’days and soon enough we’ll be in Rome.

I’m doing my very best though to stick to the healthier side of things, today I’ll go to the spa to use the steamroom and sauna, it’s a good way to clear and detox the body, and some exercise as well.

It’s always a challenge to stick to health routines when you have these kind of happenings, but that’s the part where you have to find a balance I guess. I like to have ‘detox’ days because they make me feel better in that very moment, and if you keep chasing those moments, suddenly you have a good feeling in the long run too  😉

Hope you all have a good week :)


Yesterday sunny morning

photo (15)photo (17)

Friday night at Tiffany’s. It was the only pic of many where Jonas didn’t do a funny face!! Grrrr

photo (16)



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