Spiritual hour

I just came back from 1½ hour with a lady who I see once a week, she’s my spiritual guide. It’s such a rewarding time spent talking and discussing, I wish everyone had someone like her. Every time I walk out of her house I feel lighter and more positive.

Anyway, cold weather (although very sunny) is not on top of my list of joyful moments, I passionately hate it. Imagine me living in a cold country, I’d have to go for confession every other minute for swearing. It’s just not natural to feel this cold. I know what you’re thinking, you’re in Malta, it’s sunny and over 15+ but no, i t  i s  n o t  r i g h t. There should be a limit when you’re already wearing long-sleeve tops –  a heavy jacket should be out of the question. Uff.

Tips; To help myself out a bit, skin care-wise, I prepared a DIY lip scrub with honey and sugar. The sugar peels of the small rough parts and the honey works to soften the lips. 


photo 3 (2)



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