St Paddy’s

Yesterday we had a nice lunch at Fresco’s (for a change hehe) but it’s the best place to go for a great linguine calamari ! It’s sooo good. After lunch Aiden went to see his dad so me and Jonas had a glass of wine at Le Meridien, they have really cosy sofas and it’s nice and warm. Late afternoon we were meant to meet up with the bunch at Muddy’s coz of St Patricks but I was so blocked and my voice was almost gone, so we went to Bistro instead, cosier, and talked for a bit before heading home and straight to bed. We watched this documentary (yeah always’s interesting) about Syria! How horribel their situation is, made me sad. Felt nice to have Aiden next to me in bed…can’t imagine their lives, always prepared for the worst. Maybe tonight we watch something more uplifting hehe

I wore a dark green top for St. Paddy’s. It barely showed though haha




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