Super powers

Man I wish I had some super powers. Jealousy is damn ugly but there are a few things I count as a super power (without necessarily being able to turn invisible or manage to turn everything you touch into gold) and those few things really gets me jealous!

  • Being fluent in several languages such as Spanish, Italian, and French etc. It’s been a dream of mine since forever to be able to switch from one language to another and be able to communicate with all kinds of people and travel without feeling that barrier of languages get in the way.
  • Being able to dance. There is nothing like it. I can dance, sure, but really be able to dance so well to the point where you can make a living out of it. There’s no art more beautiful than dancing.
  • Sing with a voice that makes people stop and listen. Right now they would also stop and listen but with a grin on their face. KnowwhatImsaying?

To me, those would be super powers. Something I know I’m not born with. I believe in the law of attraction but there’s a limit to everything. I think. What would you choose if you could wake up the following morning with new powers?





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