Aiden is now already at the beach with his school class, enjoying the full day playing…not too shabby. I promised him to go again in the afternoon coz today is going to be a hot hot summer day. I’m not a ‘sandy beach 8 hour a day’  type but I love going for a little while down to the rocks or by a beach bar and relax while Aiden plays in the water so that’s what we’ll do today! I don’t know how the h*ll I forget how hot it gets…every year is the same. Longing for the hot Maltese summer and when it comes it’s like being hit in the head…

Steve Madden shows bright colors for the summer 2012 collection, I like the sandals.


This Is What Steve Madden Has In Store For Summer

Little dreams

Isn’t it weird how often we all feel like our place is the only place on earth. Our office, our home, our grocery, our beach, our cinema, our bank  even our problems and thoughts etc and very often do we get stuck in the same pace of life wanting it or not.  I think if you don’t have the time, money or possibility to travel you should dream. Just dream. So that you realize there are other people around us and other places. Other peoples problems and other peoples happiness. Try not to get stuck. Unless you are happy exactly where you are.