the fix

It’s been very hectic since a couple of months back, so my constant search for holistic wellbeing has taken a different route than I had planned…like it has a life on it’s own and prefers to travel uphill instead of straight forward at this time of the year. Anyway, I’m good though. My renewed new years resolution was to look after myself, something that comes naturally but needs a little push once in a while – I’ve done a breast scan, a smear test, booked my monthly facial plus another beauty related appointment, cut my hair shorter , stocked up on vitamins and, finally, signed up for driving lessons. Yay! I’m also taking a 6 week spiritual awareness class and next month I’m doing the walkathon :)

But don’t worry, I drink wine and eat unhealthy stuff in between, I wasn’t talking about wonder woman who does everything ‘super’, I’m not like that – it’s about the holistic approach, balance is the only correct word. You take care of yourself by exercising, eating good food, stick to a good skincare routine etc etc but in between you need your fix. Nothing is worth all that healthy stuff if you don’t get your fix. For me that’s things like coffee, wine, something sweet, a full day in PJ’s or custard croissants 😉


Holland & Barrett opened a new outlet in Sliema which is great!

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