TinTin the movie

Just got back from the 3D cinema where we watched Tintin with Aiden, Teta, cousin Nate and Shakyra and I think we all enjoyed it :) The way the movie was made was fantastic. I’ve heard some people don’t like it but it’s apparantly because they are used to the old version which I’ve never actually seen. So…a first for me.

We’re soon off to my mums place for dinner and luckely she lives close by coz the weather is horrible. Windy and cold. Ok…cold for Malta but still.

Time for something warm



Sometimes I wish I was an actress…should have continued those classes I started..hmm. It looks like so much fun you know, acting and ‘being’ someone else for a while. I just thought about it coz we just got back from the cinema and we saw this horribly crappy movie, can’t even remember the name, it’s the type of movie you know the writers couldn’t agree on one single thing so they threw all the ideas in a big bowl and the result came out like that….with no sense at all. Oh and I just remembered, it’s called The Change up.  I did laugh a bit but most of it felt like very low budget stuff. And well..somehow I thought it looked like fun being an actress. Suppose you get something out of everything you do if you just look for it.

Soon time for some Kendra on E-channel instead haha 😉

Little dreams

Isn’t it weird how often we all feel like our place is the only place on earth. Our office, our home, our grocery, our beach, our cinema, our bank  even our problems and thoughts etc and very often do we get stuck in the same pace of life wanting it or not.  I think if you don’t have the time, money or possibility to travel you should dream. Just dream. So that you realize there are other people around us and other places. Other peoples problems and other peoples happiness. Try not to get stuck. Unless you are happy exactly where you are.