When the heatwave arrives…

..and you still feel coffee is the only answer. Yes, even in the heat, my morning coffee is obligatory. Is it the coffee though, or simply a programmed habit? :)

I actually wrote a post about breaking the caffeine habit, the withdrawal symptoms and so on.

I’ve been there so I know it’s actually a habit you can break. But then again. The morning smell of coffee is too good to miss out on 😉




Happy weekend!

TGIF, was a long and emotional week in so many ways. Had to pick up a magazine and prepare a massive cup of coffee to lift my energy this morning. Feeling better now thanks to some happy R&B and bachata music and also managed to book a driving lesson in the last minute! Anyway, stay away from negativity and listen to yourself only..


Tiny update; we managed to misunderstand each other so the driving lesson was postponed, I waited to be picked up outside for about 15 mins until we realised it was a mix up of days….anyway, while waiting I stopped a young boy from rushing out in the street to look for his mum who was at the veg van on the other side….so, I kinda saved a kid. Always something…. 😉



the fix

It’s been very hectic since a couple of months back, so my constant search for holistic wellbeing has taken a different route than I had planned…like it has a life on it’s own and prefers to travel uphill instead of straight forward at this time of the year. Anyway, I’m good though. My renewed new years resolution was to look after myself, something that comes naturally but needs a little push once in a while – I’ve done a breast scan, a smear test, booked my monthly facial plus another beauty related appointment, cut my hair shorter , stocked up on vitamins and, finally, signed up for driving lessons. Yay! I’m also taking a 6 week spiritual awareness class and next month I’m doing the walkathon :)

But don’t worry, I drink wine and eat unhealthy stuff in between, I wasn’t talking about wonder woman who does everything ‘super’, I’m not like that – it’s about the holistic approach, balance is the only correct word. You take care of yourself by exercising, eating good food, stick to a good skincare routine etc etc but in between you need your fix. Nothing is worth all that healthy stuff if you don’t get your fix. For me that’s things like coffee, wine, something sweet, a full day in PJ’s or custard croissants 😉


Holland & Barrett opened a new outlet in Sliema which is great!

photo 4 (5)


early birds

I haven’t slept properly for the past couple of weeks and I want to blame the puppy, but it’s not really him….it’s just that stress or anxiety does that to you, give you that little bit of insomnia, just enough to make you feel tired during the day. Maybe I slept enough, I don’t know, but I know for sure I keep tossing and turning for a looong time. Like I said, it’s not really Massimo because he’s good at night, but I keep thinking I can hear him crying or whining but everytime I hear something, it’s either a passing car or people outside in the street. It’s just a bit of getting used to I suppose. But anyway, I got up, made some coffee and it was actually kind of cosy.

photo (1)

Is coffee healthy for you?

I’m so fed up with all the discussions about coffee being a health benefit or not. It’s one of those things you hear people talk about or you read articles about it and all I’m thinking is Go get some common sense.

Imagine at the end of the day how you’d feel if you’ve had 10 cups of coffee? Or if you start the day with no coffee at all?

Ulcer and tiredness VS feeling fine and alert? Buy a clue.





Taschen books

Good morning, Im having a coffee and browsing through one of my favourite Taschen books hoping to find some inspiration for our ultra white and empty walls buuu…..Taschen Mexico is a beautiful book and I love the style so we’ll see how much luck I’ll have finding something similar around the shops here. Hmm. You know I love all the Taschen books (yes even the one of big boobs ;)) so I’m kinda seeing it as my style bible.  Or general inspiration for interiors, trips, hotels, food etc. You have a favourite?




Good morning everyone, today is Aidens first day of school, year 3 already. They have such a long summer holiday here so it was understandable that he was nervous this morning. He calmed down a bit when we arrived at school and he met all his friends and it turned out they were just as nervous hehe. I’m sure they’ll be ok as soon as they get inside and gets started. I stayed a bit longer just to check out all the other mum’s, they look so funny with their housewife-in tracksuit-red hair and bling bling style hihi

After I dropped him off I went straight to the gym for 1 hr and now I’m trying to have a coffee and stop sweating. It was really a big difference going to the gym in the morning instead of afternoon, somehow I had a lot more energy and I’m 100% sure it makes you more alert during the day as well. Obviously I didn’t have time to go in the morning before but without my old job all these things I wanted to do are now possible. The morning gym was one of them 😉

Hope you all have  a  nice day x



To see you again

What happened to my morning? I had lots to do but got stuck with my coffee and favourite book ‘To see you again’ by Betty Schimmel. It’s a true story about Betty, how she survived the 2nd world war and continues with her life although the trauma from the concentration camp and losing her childhood love really haunts her. The love story is incredible but you have to read it to understand and apart from that it’s really interesting to find out what it was like living in Europe during the war. Horrible obviously. It’s actually around the 11 th time I read this book…not joking. It such a special, beautiful and inspiring story. I wonder if she’s still alive….?

Update; so apparently she passed away last year :( I had to check

Yea ok..so back to what I was suppose to do. Hope you all have a nice day ;o)