L’Occitane shower oil vs Nivea shower oil


Almond Shower Oil

If you try shower oils, which are actually great in winter when your body is more prone to dryness, you might think they share some kind of similarity when it comes to feel and fragrance. I tried these two lately. L'occitane shower oil made my skin super smooth and soft, it has a luxury almond scent and it transforms into a light foam while the Nivea has a bitter smell and felt mostly sticky.

I would not say Nivea was the less liked one because it comes at a cheaper price, Nivea has plenty of good products but in this case L'occitane won (at least in my opinion) so best thing is not always to look at the price tag instead work your way through the massive amount of products and see what you like. I usually prefer brands which focus on one kind of range. I don't see why expensive brands like Dior would be better at skin care compared to a more affordable brand such as Decleor which focus on skincare only. My point is that I trust 'pure' brands mostly. If Decleor starts making bags etc I would start to wonder a bit. With this said I've tried several Dior skin care products and found them good, however not as satisfying as the price suggests.

What do you think?



Summer Body Mists

Body Mist

I know not all of my readers live in a oven hot country like I do but it's still officially Summer right? I don't leave the house without 2 things; nailpolish (unless I clear them for a sandy scrub at the beach) or something scented, either perfume or scented lotion but what's nice in summer is the body mist. It feels less heavy than strong perfumes and you can add on throughout the day.  The Body Shop has plenty to choose from and also Victorias Secret and my favourite from Decleor.

If not, an alcohol-free perfume is also an option, like Dior Sweet Sun


Satsuma Body Mist - New! Body Mists

Decleor oil

I was going through some old pics to see which ones I should develop and frame and I noticed a difference in my looks from one period about a year ago. My face was really glowing and plumpy. It’s not bad now but there was definitely a difference and I think this product was the reason, I used it both morning and evening and as I have a bit of dry skin it made all the difference. Actually all Decleor products are oil based so I guess anyone of them should be good but this one in particular should be used if you want to boost your skin. It doesnt make the make up smudgy either, just apply a few mins before so it has time to absorb slightly and go on as usual. The only minus is the price vs the amount but on the other hand; glowing skin is worth every cent 😉



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