House of DVF s.2

I’m obsessed with this show and in just a couple of days the winner of season 2 will be crowned. I’m nervous. Why? I mean why am I nervous about something like that? It doesn’t affect me in one single way, but I believe I simply want the right thing to happen. For the sake of the world 😉

I feel like, if Cat wins, my gut feeling is completely thrown off. Can I be so wrong? Yes seriously, if Cat wins, I need to find a way to restore my faith in trusting another persons choice.



Diane von Furstenberg and the cast of House of DVF Season 2 inside the DVF Studio. Learn more: #HouseofDVF:

Update; Ooh I’m happy now!! As long as I’m know 😉

Congrats BarbieBeth!

House of DVF

I’m happy to hear that Diane Von Furstenberg is doing a 2nd season of the uber-stylish and inspiring TV show House of DVF. Right now I keep watching the re-runs on E-Channel just to see the style and work done by the 10 girls competing for the title of DVF Brand Ambassador. I also really enjoy watching Diane, who at the age of 68 still looks amazing. Not amazing for her age, just simply amazing. It’s just comforting to see that style and looks has nothing to do with age!


From Edie Sedgwick to Diane Von Furstenberg, here are Andy Warhol's 17 most iconic muses.


Beautiful Brittany Hampton, winner of season 1 – House of DVF

Click here to get the full bios on all of the contestants of #HouseOfDVF!  Brittany Hampton



New level of Crazy

Had a real nice weekend although it did involve an unexpected visit to St James Hospital because my dear friend H decided it was a good idea to walk from Valletta to Sliema (pls note…tourists only) and ended up being chased by dogs (!) and fell badly

Call from H sat afternoon

H; Ehhhh I think I need to see a doctor, I was chased by dogs and fell and now Im bleeding a lot from my hands and chin

Me: What?! Like…big dogs?

H: ….nooo..small ones

Well thank God for Maltese health care, he was well taken care of and after check up, cleaning and X Rays we rushed home, changed and went out for dinner with Jonas and Daniel.

Today I feel slightly useless again but not because of too much wine, rather due to lack of sleep but at midday we had a lunch date with 2 blurry parents (actually just one as B was sick) and my favourite much loved baby Nevada.

Aiden spent the weekend again with his father and Im expecting him home very soon, time for some candy and E-Channel ;o) Kardashians forever haha !!!

As blurry as ever






Sometimes I wish I was an actress…should have continued those classes I started..hmm. It looks like so much fun you know, acting and ‘being’ someone else for a while. I just thought about it coz we just got back from the cinema and we saw this horribly crappy movie, can’t even remember the name, it’s the type of movie you know the writers couldn’t agree on one single thing so they threw all the ideas in a big bowl and the result came out like that….with no sense at all. Oh and I just remembered, it’s called The Change up.  I did laugh a bit but most of it felt like very low budget stuff. And well..somehow I thought it looked like fun being an actress. Suppose you get something out of everything you do if you just look for it.

Soon time for some Kendra on E-channel instead haha 😉