What the f*** did you just fart on me?


My latest article for Eve.com.mt was pretty funny, at least it was meant to be funny, and more of a joke rather than anything else, but one guy left a comment which made me realise that what I wrote in the first paragraph could be seen as, well, as if I was the type of girl who goes from one guy to another hahahaa.

"I’ve been in relationships pretty much all the time since I was 17, I really don’t know how to be single.

 No, it’s not a matter of ‘I can’t function on my own‘, it’s simply because there are a lot of nice guys out there"

I simply forgot to add that I've had F E W but long-term relationships in the past.  

Not many short ones  ;)

And the periods of being single were short because what kind of girl would say no to a nice guy who asks you out? They weren't weirdos either who only lasted a date or two, they all turned into being a good boyfriend. Like Jonas, we've been together for 5 years now and I hope it will last forever!

So, anyway, there you go ;) Happy what's left of this weekend xxxx

Ps. Ok..one was pretty weird :p

And another thing - people should get sarcasm more. Everything doesn't have to be so serious.






Dr.Organic Christmas treats


A while ago I wrote an article for Eve.com.mt about Organic Beauty and research showed quite clearly that women using 100% organic products feel a great difference compared to regular creams. I hadn't actually given it much thought as I focused mainly on finding products for sensitive/dry skin, organic or not. But honestly, I've been using Dr.Organic for a while now, the eye creams in particular and it does make a difference. I think when you're anything like me, trying to find the magic cream somewhere, you don't always give it enough time. Creams don't work overnight and it takes patience if you want results. Unless a cream or product immediately causes a rash or break out, keep using it for at least 4-6 weeks before you'll notice any results.

Anyway, that was a bit of a blurt out about Dr. Organic creams, but I wanted to give some attention to their hair care. The new range Moroccan Argan Oil contains plenty of goodness and here are some of the hair care products, which can be a great Christmas gift or a treat for yourself during the holidays.