The Swedish Feminism


You know, I'm so bored of the Swedish feminists and their constant whining. I feel like slapping their non-attractive faces and send them off for a year to live under strict sharia-law, and when they come back they would stop their pathetic social/media complaints.

Equal rights are obvious, but this has nothing to do with Rights  -  Swedish 'ladies' are, in my opinion, only defending themselves and their children from not being an attractive proper Girl, and therefore need other options when the beauty and power of being a woman cannot be used. 

Seriously, do they Not want to dress their daughter in pink because they instead wish for her to become an ugly truck-driver? No they don't, but in case she turns out to be one, they stand up for her by 'fighting for the women and their rights'


This is what Swedish women make a fuss about:

  • The symbol on the zebra-cross sign is a man.  Not a woman. (I see how this makes a diff in their lives)
  • Parents who dress their children in pink or blue depending on the sex of the child. (God forbid they should wear pink and be proud of all the female benefits. OR dress in blue and enjoy the good sides of being a guy)
  • Refering to him or her as (in swedish) HEN. Which would be a minced version of the two sexes?!

Other women, mainly Muslim women, who calls themselves feminists fight for similar things:

  • The right to get a driving licence
  • The right to work /wage
  • The right to vote
  • The right to, up until a couple of years ago, have their own ID card
  • The right to their own bank account
  • The right to live after being raped
  • The right to...etc etc etc

We are proud of being women right? That's what the Muslim women fight for. Equal RIGHTS. They still want to be a woman! We should all have the same rights, regardless of being a man or woman. Obviously!!!!!
None is better than the other.
This is however where a typical Swedish feminist has lost all clues;
They want to fight for the female right, yet somehow, they want to even out the sexes, AND at the same time, LOOK like men, act like men, forget to shave and God knows what else. That's very confusing to me. They act as if they want to show that they can also be strong men, and forget to show off all the good positive sides of being a girl/woman.
What's even more confusing is their way of being 'politically correct' by welcoming immigrants and others to Sweden, which I assume includes a large number of muslim women, at the same time whining about the Swedish 'unjustice' - I'm sorry but that's just an offense towards them. They have some real issues to deal with, Swedish women don't!!
If they want to fight for women and their equal rights: ACT and LOOK like a woman to begin with, just like men should show their positive sides of being a man.
We should have the same rights but PINK OR BLUE!!!
Well hello Pretty!