Blood type diet

I am currently on the blood type diet. The word diet makes me think of having to deprive myself from things I like, or having to stay hungry while watching others go for anything on the table. So that word feels negative in my opinion. Also in my case, I’m not trying to loose weight, i.e dieting for weight loss, but for the sole purpose of seeing what foods affect my digestion. So, I will say blood type diet, but in my head it’s something else :)

Having been ‘diagnosed’ with IBS and various allergies (intolerance rather) means I have tried so many different diets; gluten free, lactose free, foods accepted according to my intolerance test etc, but no real results. I still feel so super full after meals, bloated and generally tired. It’s very annoying since I’m slim, and post-eating makes me look 5 months pregnant, which is only okay if you’re actually pregnant 😀

Problems with digestion is also linked to anxiety, something I’ve suffered from a lot through the years. It’s not really known if the anxiety affects the digestion, or the other way around.

The reason I’m posting about the Blood type diet is because it’s now been a while since I researched my type, and understanding your type means you can cut out or add, tweak here and there and also know why your body can tolerate/not tolerate certain foods. This has been so helpful for me. I’m actually really happy and excited about it, because for me it makes so much sense. I literally cut out mainly 2-3 things which I used to eat on daily basis, and this made all the difference.

I’m type AB positive (rather rare) and having cut out chicken and anything corn (popcorn used to be my go-to snack) seems to do the trick for me. Since I don’t like red meat, chicken always seemed like the easy option, but clearly (corn fed) chicken didn’t agree with me – without me realising. Instead I would put all blame on the lactose or something else.

To be fair, no evidence exists to support benefits of blood type diets, and as with anything else, it’s very much up to each and every one to find their way, so I can only speak for myself. However, I really recommend that you read up on your blood type, even for the purpose to see what exercise and stress relieve is best suited for you.

Not only can I eat without feeling so heavy afterwards, but insulin and energy levels are more balanced. I also take 2 supplements to aid digestion based on my issue of having low stomach acid, but that’s about it.

Let me know if you have any experience with this diet?


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