Mint for spring

Oh my God how windy Malta is today…almost flew away at one point during my power walk. Anyway, I spent the morning in Mosta fixing my nails 😉 I’m very happy with the colour and length, and they generally needed some proper TLC. The colour is mint + 2 of the nails are gold. Very spring, pastel happy colours!

Tonight I have the first lesson of my 16 week design course. Wish me luck.

Hope you all have a happy weekend x



new nails

I’ve got really good nails, actually doing gels would damage them but I’m so in love with the many designs out there, not to mention the strength and shine that comes with these fakes….I found these 2 styles that I’m going to combine (somewhat shorter though)

So, when I find the time to go, I’ll go! Once I make up my mind I tend to go through with it.

On a totally different note, mentioning things that I decide to ‘go through with’ – I had another driving lesson today and it went well 😉 I actually enjoyed driving again after the long break.